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Listen: "The Tampa Bay Lightning with a four nothing win over the Islanders"

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Bruce Bennett
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At eight a clocked the Spurs and The Oklahoma City Thunder will play Game four of that series the Thunder looking to even the series at two games apiece over in the NHL playoffs the Tampa Bay Lightning with eight for nothing win over the Islanders in Game five advances they will go on to play the winner of the Penguins Capitals theories in other NHL there was the Ottawa Senators of fired heave who shave their new coach of the three year deal the Senators managed just eighty-five points if you're going up for fifth in the Atlantic Division right behind the Bruins whether is brought to you by town fair tired about fifty-eight degrees out there cloudy still although was supposed to be rain never came should clear up in the next hour temperatures will drop the low fifties overnight and Christian are can and that's what trending now the totality of knowing when Sports discussed it's time for Christian are Gannon on sports radio WEEI from the turf to the hardwood to the ice all happens here with Christian are catch on sports radio WEEI only.