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What Did Tom Brady Have In His Locker?

Tom Brady's secret's out, as journalists get a glimpse of a personal political keepsake in his locker.

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"He is a guy that likes winning like you."

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Have you heard this little clip with Tom Brady today? You know Tom Brady, everyone is talking about what he had in his locker, the locker that I got in trouble for photographing because I didn't know the rules. That locker. We all know that he had one of those trademark Donald Trump red hats with yellow writing, make America great again so when I heard this clip. - You guys like winning,  you still have the Trump hat up there he loves winning, have you talked with him at all? Have any advice for his big debate tonight? - No. I thought it was a nice keepsake so it could be a nice keep for memorability, so. - He is a guy that likes winning like you, you think he has got what it takes? I hope so, that would be great. There would be a putting green on the White House lawn I'm sure of that.