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Listen: "Who should be the highest paid figure in sports?"

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Jeff Gross
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Dot com add a low radio This is our question owe the night so I'm asking you question you're asking me questions of Talib's goes away with Foster conversation we get to know each other who should be the highest paid figure in sports should be a commissioner ending case you're thinking he's overpaid you will not get me to agree on that I actually think he could be making a hell of a lot more money now what he can do with it don't have to me that's just his gross OK he's you've got to pay taxes to like the rest of us and that that's where this money came from this is the fact that he has to release side is tax documents and everybody from the NFL's league office has to release third talks documents its bid to its technically a nonprofit the team's themselves or not nonprofit obviously but the league office is are somehow a nonprofit So thirty four million dollars but compared that to the back of the net though revenues in two thousand fourteen WAR way for it and then in the Bay all year and Noah with of they eleven billion the year before that they were nineteen they are continuing to grow don't wonder when the NFL's going to hit it plateau when it's going to hit eventually that the max earnings potential not yet not yet a lead then be all year and dollars for all those people who complain and bits and MON about the NFL's thoughts the referees suck Roger Goodell sucks the teams don't care all they care about his money yeah you are not putting any action behind those words none of us is we're consuming the NFL's and no alarming rate a lead then Bay all year dollars that's the definition of insanity the league is the Andy of all other sports leagues everybody on the playground wants to be associated with the NFL's everybody on the playground was to get picked by the NFL's So when you think about Roger Goodell making thirty four million gross it's really not in context that surprising although I made a lot of money it do you think about how the best paid quarterbacks make what twenty two twenty three million a year Andrew Luck could end up making somewhere around twenty five million here Roger Dales like wow that's champ changing champs eight five five two one two four two two seven is the number or on Twitter at eight already Yeo who should be the highest paid figure in sports because I'm telling yeah you could come late about the DAL but considering that he is the Commissioner of the most lucrative sports league in the United States i'm not sure anybody else should be making more money than him he's the feel of the most lucrative that sports league In our nation's history and it's continuing to grow This Is Why Roger Goodell job is not in jeopardy people laughter me screen league eighty should be fired or are you kidding the owners are making money hand over fest companies Do not fire see egos who increase their profit by two billion dollars over the span of a couple years Roger Goodell is not losing his job anytime soon So thirty four million in two thousand fourteen I don't even think I need to know what he made an two thousand fifteen he turned fifty seven on Friday by the way we should than in the cake I don't think you can afford his own So who's should be the highest paid player outside the highest paid figure I don't want a player because that's a different category who should be the highest paid figure in sports at a wall radio an interesting question should be the quarterback of the best team should it be the Commissioner of the any a Adam Silver so we should duel research because I don't know what the other Commissioner's make relatively I'm assuming they also make plenty of coin but it's kind of an interesting question let's forget on Pete it'll be fun other coming on the next by the way we've got to conversation were what we got a chance to be able to get caught up in college basketball like me because I've been languishing behind the curve in college basketball so we're going to get a crash course with read for grave are National College Basketball Insider but quickly who should be the highest paid figure in sports I think the highest paid figuring supports are are the guys a people go to say that's a super star players no offense to Roger Goodell and he's made assure our mistakes in approval I come he's a good Commissioner for the most part let's.