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Guess Who Was The First President To Have A Playboy Interview

A personal insight into what makes this former president unique from others, including that he was the first ever US president to be interviewed by Playboy magazine.

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"He was the first president to ever be interviewed in Playboy. And again this is a guy who is like ... a pretty hard core Baptist."

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You know do you remember Jimmy Carter's Playboy interview? He was the first president to ever be interviewed in Playboy. And again this is a guy who is like a, I want to say, you know, a pretty hard core Baptist. And he did an interview in Playboy and he talked about having lusted in his heart for other women. And that was such a big deal because it was so unlike everybody's perception of him, you know especially the guy that he lost to in the 1980 election. And the reason he lost in 1980 election of course was the hostage fiasco. But Carter had the balls to try to get them out and he was just, he had bad luck. A dust storm knocked one of the helicopters down and we lost American lives and the thing was a fiasco and plus inflation, you know, we had stagflation if you don't remember the 70s. All these things conspired against him, none of which he could've fixed. But today's story that you know, that Jimmy Carter has cancer and that it spread to other parts of his body is sad, but it also makes me, it makes me happy to think about a guy like like that cos he seemed like such a great guy. You know, not everybody. Hamilton Jordan who was his chief of staff that he brought up from Georgia and he trotted up this whole Georgia mafia up to Washington in 1976 and Tip O'Neill who was speaker of the house handed their ass back to them, cos Tip O'Neill said you don't run the city, we run the city, you're just here for a short time, now I'll be here for a long time and I've been here for a long time. And it was interesting to see the way that Carter crew kind of you know, everybody from Jody Powell to watching his little daughter grow up Washington D.C. So I was there, you know it was my first time as a young person seeing the world up close and seeing a president in town, who, um was different than previous presidents. You know, Ford was a congressman, Nixon was a machine, um you know and this is a guy that came from the south who was the first southerner really that in the era of mass communications ever to be elected president and he had that just kind of drawl. But he's a brilliant man. And you know, he he he did television different.