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Listen: Thank you Larkin elusive so you can see the NFC champs elite crown today

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Sports Flash thank you Larkin elusive so you can see the NFC champs elite crown today and now we have the Santa Clara in Super Bowl 50 in two weeks from today the Broncos host the Patriots me AFC title game Patriots a look with their seventh Super Bowl appearance Under Bill Belichick Gary Kubiak got this far as a player but never as a head coach and though he was John Elway is under study enjoys having a front row seat what could be the final matchup between Peyton Manning an the Tom Brady the credit to both of you cause you know up a robbery that they've had if you don't glasses enormous both winnable hosted so they're both in so successful are 2005 football players to call find people leaders on their football team yes pretty special Manning is won the last two playoff battles against Brady including two years ago in the AFC championship He missed the previous meeting with one by the Broncos earlier this year due to a foot injury now Manning is struggled this year but has been aided by a terrific defense Brady is look a strong is ever even with injuries who's often sublime and several play makers The Panthers host the Cardinals in the NFC tonight Carolina 1 59 1 and beat the Cards the playoffs last year Carson Palmer missed that game with a torn ace El he bounced back and had a terrific season although he did struggle times in last week's victory inventors head coach Ron Rivera said his defense needs a make Palmer uncomfortable tonight the biggest say more so I think it's gonna Goffin spot and not letting and fill the Stepan Those throws I mean Carson's gotta get arm fifth could head and shoulders makes good decisions but you know it is important Tommy's and push a pocket um justice import hearings cover got a squeeze a pocket Rivera won a Super Bowls a player now look me get back there as a head coach in the NBA the lone afternoon game has been pushed back tonight as the Nets holds the Thunder it'll now started seven thirty eastern instead of three thirty due to the snow storm that hit the New York area yesterday college basketball today Temple hanging in there in the second half leaving unbeaten 8th ranked SNB who 60 aid.