Should You Be Allowed To Get Stoned And Go To Work?

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some right, but running careers, now that being said , what you allowed to go out, or a chart, there are now what to liability issues that we say, like for me, right but a lot of people say what you on my all-time, we're seeing in the morning, when you show your job, i injured on that , what we're talking about different thing us who should be able to smoke and recreational E o when you're talking about who should be able to get high and go to work for the that's different you know in my answer to that would be the same people who were allowed short that were drunk, okay now what, what you know what I mean which allowed which was he but did what what would you want, racial waiters on the driving okay, that's part was the light will you something, shame liabilities somebody who shows up on the job drunk,