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Listen: "Did you like the fact of how outspoken a pair of the defensive liners for the Broncos were this week?"

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Paul Marotta
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Of looks like you know I'm not alone than it was very obvious you know pictures with a thousand words he didn't really say anything and then I mean in late the week I mean he was full practice everyday and they dingo that hard necessarily what he hope they do have a lot of wraps on when that Gary Kubiak says it he's feeling fine until people close a Christmas saying that that he'd better than I think he expected to be at this point an if that's the case and that's a good thing further the Broncos defense because I think his task number one will be the Jan Julian Edelman blind Scrimmage in trade every rap and and they're off the timing looking Tom Brady and that is gonna be a big time kids is importance in that second area really told that overall defense brand they would you know I'm curious was you're take on you know what Molitor Jackson had the say earlier in the week om you know bothered me by watching from a farm curious your take on it being around the team did you like the fact of how outspoken a pair of the defensive line after the Broncos were this week you know in the league Jackson and Antonio Smith separately and I think more than one energy especially Fred Smith is you know the media to earn that on purpose I think in the fast talked any the guitar parent you know they call the McBride baby Brandon Marshall said Grant pushes off Chris Harris and that he would tackle grind he said you got Adam around and he is which I think fundamentally makes sense Chris Harris in 5 10 1 ninety-five and dropped six seven two seven right so you know anyone's ever played football though that's when you get a big guy down as they go you gotta go low Chris so I've got a lot of people know we Chris in the finest thing from a malicious guy so I don't think you saying yes take ground knee that hurt and it is a One coincidence I guess that TJ wore his teammate and strong safety actually did an Brock see the rocks even a couple years ago and then they were trend and make sure Bryant until the catch when they played here Thanksgiving we can also put round on the shelf for a little bit so there are guys I don't think it's and try heard an eye something players abide like that but they are trying to do is logical fallen bring in that whatever way they can decide what the leaking intel is that there's not really any any negative to another then what Hindi you're gonna hear think Tom Brady more than he's got throw the ball harder or better right I mean I think it in their those guys spaces somebody that small do that I'm not saying you look in the back now Germany won but it doesn't make any sense and maybe if he scores a touchdown on the ground he suffice it in years and that causes some pushing and shutting but realistic meaning Tom Brady and all the motivation he needs and I think you need any more motivation play well he lets it come to another said will be the first quarterback to win five Super Bowls and so I think that it's an Achilles and is referee group looking at you know not caring in town brings looking for calls and are there another thing that you know you get a quarterback and it's more control flak and league action flag more the most this year Purcell If it's not malicious But late into the quarterback said and I got a bunch personal foul penalties so I think they they've we seem to be aware of it but I don the problem and then accurate unquestioned Gary Kubiak may have a little but he did really tough the team on their two they sending him back and the one day and my line.