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Listen: "El Chapo, Your daughter says that you went back and forth multiple times during the month that you were the most wanted man in the world"

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Sprints on the inside and a picnic to come then the deeper meaning is still playing people awesome do you believe you will try to escape the get all Chapo when I believe base I will not only drive to speak about be escaping bone two weren't I've been hard that's that's what unions well you made the Mets the government looked pretty bad so this time there sort of me and throw good to measure the government looks it's good to know that I could ever The Rams government all world while where Murray would not grant that we all thought they were let's let's talk about all this border crossing you do it were listed in a warrior one yeah your doctor says that you went back and forth multiple times during the month that you were the most wanted bad in the world like wire you come in to California boy do what I'm or comeback all the time good for third line ump got it when the grind and as so many people love to do to see were not come together visit relatives or an sometimes out here the call let's go out and get it and now you know in if Elliott headed out Mexico is a zone got in on you know get out of drones get into in and out why not so much money new movement it's a great ideal chuckle and then I had do it United payment Miami tied to go in the room Florida come up or my whole mean landing that's a surprise a butter had feted the beauty I know motoring his by one the Rambo out hanging out with me and there's this his I know I'm nowhere back huge I didn't know that night provide down the road music glory number in the moment and we're not going to do it and they even though we are you know good began third unit and wearing a wow it doesn't sound like you were worried at all about being recapture not MN job low you know game against me I mean pitted did not ten enter captured I would mean this guy's been known knows who I was I knew it this nine his arm you put the glass I think guard you know would you have different it's so many people like Oh my god is that nubs got last night him that no income with an to envision the journey too for live my every other things I need a Marv repeat I know that Reed in the night better known poured brind right handed them in any that was pumped I will sightseeing that's good Walker payment gone undergone of morning when I walk of rain dot com.