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Listen: Wins the rising tide with fourteen hundred and eighty five yards the first Minnesota Vikings

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Kevin C. Cox
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Yeah that's out sounded on these Vikings Radio there were Paul Allen yeah you do that you get a little bump up there in class vacation 23 the score their the final twenty thirteen and what we closer meyes the Packers since I don't think not that good but they're not there they're not running the ball well any Lacy is who Eddie Lacy is James Starks will indeed when he plays has been a liability with a fumbling Aaron Rodgers without Jordy Nelson insisted the timing feels off a worse their offensive line a soap or so many times At the time they're Rodgers went back 19 times he was under pressure five setbacks and his throws off the timing on the other side Teddy Bridgewater wasn't as the do much only 10 completed online Tina temper ninety-nine yards was mostly they Adrian Peterson showed control the court let's controlled the play of the play clock ran the ball off debut at 67 yards and a touchdown in the thirty years old wins the rising tide with fourteen hundred and eighty five yards the first Minnesota Vikings NFC North title since 2009 writing has been a minute Here's a look at that seat by the way and serves the wall court picture 40 of the two teams involved here Seattle will be a Minnesota something a little five eastern on NBC and then the Packers by losing all too well Washington the sake of the Redskins That is eight four forty gig Eastern on Fox will move on in Denver on the matter time Weekly right beat indoor bring back.