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Listen: "I give you the improbable Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos"

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Ezra Shaw
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Ready and there are not many guarantee even life very few and I don't make guarantees conniving they're dumb especially in sports guarantees are especially when they come from fans you have no control over anything so why are you guarantee anything and if you need any more evident as to why they're dumb I give you be improbable Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos dumb now year Denver to guarantee but you wouldn't win anything Steelers Patriot and thirst we won watch sports if we can guarantee there for guarantee that so we're not here to guarantee the lab I can tell you how long the live what I'm going to get married how many given that have I can tell you how many years I'm going to be here with media sports radio I don't know any of those things I can tell you who's going to win the presidential election okay guarantee squad but one day I can guarantee you know it but I will never ever ever ever ever have heard get into a car that is shelf driving and shelf propelled that will never happen I guarantee that first another right to be British after and the news junkie so look into the news a lot of times when I'm in my car that I'm driving with my tear hands on the steering wheel and I heard this report I'm so I don't remember what state they're testing the shelf driving cars already there barely all the rage and I got it going kids so there's one really good reason not to get behind the wheel of the film driving card but thank you re then Joe freak I'm not a good passenger but flash giving up control.