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Danny Ainge Reflects on the Celtics Hard Fought Win Versus the Heat 

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Maddie Meyer
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Earlier said Max will who we love and an surprisingly John Wallach will be doing the game with Pregame one of the playoffs a Saturday correct to graduation and I'm not to rob I'm not BZ That's a huge deal yes the ace visit the sight of him in a lot of people listening job yes you don't really don't want to but instead of sorts like every as much as leg listeners and people like to go crap on anything whatever everyone seems to really like Wall like other radio has a very good job and as a was joke Celtics Radio on the Celtics this Renaud they try to get it off we have some on any one of our one liners I don't know what does an excellent job in its pretty clear give you a couple these games and Game Three right the first yes as one two three but sitting Mississippi Max was got to be an experience it is Jerry could experience actually been a lot of different way not that uses that as no no no I know you want to work with him for us we have reply he was great we played this one earlier and he had a banner day as well not only Michael Armon and how can you not I mean that second half was unbelievable I mean until hold the Miami Heat to five points in that third quarter and then the run you made it was using everything that you thought that this team and lost over the past two and a half games just came right back in it gives you a little bit of hope as the Celtics fan going into this Atlanta series we played this one earlier and I guess is referencing that you know Bill Bell check was there to get a big Properties the Jumbotron Marcus Smart over the shoulder passes Kelly driver down the middle kick to the corner Toronto three.