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Supreme Court To Review Virginia Schools Transgender Bathroom Policy 

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Sara D. Davis
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The rapid underneath the right right in t s_b investigator low renda words says the american airlines flight three eighty three caught fire on the runway on friday causing more than one hundred seventy passengers in crew to be evacuated word is twenty people were traded for minor injuries in of all been release from the hospital new information is the merging into the death of miami marlins pitcher jose fernandez a toxicology report released to a shows the twenty four year old head coach kane and his system and was legally drunk when he died in a boating accident last month fernandez and two other men were killed when they're speed boat slammed into in miami beach jedi in the early morning hours of september twenty fifth an autopsy report by the miami gate counting medical examine ours office listed the cause of death as boat crash finally be transgender bathroom policy involving of virginia school district is going to be reviewed by be us supreme court it will be the first time the high court takes up the issue of policies where students must use bad the rams based on their biological identities for us a radio need is i'm chills in the kenny say hello to john.