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Listen: "So my Super Bowl prediction, yes ma'am"

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Doug Pensinger
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So tossing dollar Bills as him OK so when that inappropriate probably is it that big of the deal No I feel like it's me having defeat at the front of the but the Cubs rode the part make it happen you know like I appreciate what he did that fact i've been mean I always have to choose the first seat on the bus right pressed crisp I like to get is just the kind of woman five for it for me that didn't mean it that has to be K's every action mentally I don't I don't leave it at Ole Miss or think the from the bus is the same is that it's not a great analogy but but I understand we had la thinking I did longtime from a little rusty on my phone that's OK So my Super Bowl prediction yes him alright I don't like to think of myself with conspiracy theorist but I may be think this is a little conspiracy chicken and I apologize for a high pick in my opinion I think the Broncos are going to way I think the Broncos are going to win because the NFL's wants them to where I think the and if I was going to Wayne because it Peyton Manning went to Super Bowl he will retire if you guys and I don't think you without idea and I think it was watch him to retire because they don't want to have to investigate the age G H allocate interest in the boy you are conspiracy theorist I know but I don't mean to be but I honestly I mean I had and that's just how I feel and I think maybe some where there was like collisions past like a if we make get cappin promise to retire can we don't want I have to look into this we don't want to have to give you know when it's near his name because they love amassed five i'm not going anywhere if he doesn't led by these going either way but when there should proper how many times will John Elway be shown on the tee during the broadcast over under two and a half Oh yeah it over and over I think that's David that's a good over I d either way I think.