Dennis Prager On Global Warming

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Did you know that, oh yeah did you know that Dustin Moscow vets, who made his Fortune as a Facebook, so, can spirit are, pledge twenty million dollars to Democratic groups opposing Trump, only one man was an exception PETA feel the billionaire pay pal, and he congratulated Donald Trump we gave Minions of his own dollars, but nevertheless their Quake again their boots, they wanted, the status quo, they want that Hillary Clinton, they wanted a continuation of their ability to be Pirates, , and now it's all over, and the snow going back, and all the small and Alex and they're on the shirts, better reach into their pockets pretty quick, and higher some lobbyist pretty good, and start playing a fair share in advance because not only were you have to pay the tax is that you all, and so your company is broken up as they should be your level a go to jail, believe that for someone else not me, I'm not an attorney on that in at that trust to turn it up that's not my field, that's not my feel little we're going to have, the best type of our lives, as we see these things happen now not everything is going to go our way I want I don't want to disappoint you, I'm not a poly Adam, I can assure you is I sit here, looking ahead on my Savage crystal ball, that the treasury department another departments will will continue along the lines that you. Currently have that, maybe Yellin will retire but, the put someone else in like yeah, the banks that are running the country now run the country tomorrow, that's the way it is, they're not gonna hiring joeckel from the middle of America to run the federal reserve, and then I can hire go cool to run the treasury department is last job was managing apartment store, okay so you know it will be Morris status quo at the on the big on the big stuff, the thing is that will change, the things that well changes immigration I guarantee you, not ever gracious going to change right away then I'm not going to be pouring over this border, now Obama's been stocking the PA on, with as many people from, south of the borders hiccup possibly force over the Border he's been an embarrassment at a criminal, in not letting the Border Patrol do their job but soon they will be doing their job, and soon those deportation buses will be harming and they'll be humming South and they'll be something else coming, if the Trump becomes president, if you live anywhere near and a big Air Force bases, anywhere in America I live in the San Francisco area, I remember during our rack Warren the middle of the night are felt the rumbling of the be bought the be one Bombers going over to our rack, the whole Scott a shot with under, I came out of my deck in the middle of the night that fell so good. Knowing that those A_P's were buzz and, they're going to be buzzing again, and they're going to snuff the most environment us people off the planet, they will not, kidnapped they will not rate Baker all girls, they will not set people, a fire while their alive, they will not very whole family stable not put show run into bread machines, my friends this is going to be a different world, you think that everybody who loves freedom would be celebrating including notion bucks and they're on the shirts Terrence Silicon Valley is set a calling him hitler they should win celebrating the fact that he's Winston chart show, that's the closer analogy, to the stupidity it's, I think the So Smart because they made a few million dollars the remind me the guys get many years ago we all had an uncle like that, he made millions of dollars in the plastic send the St. the fifties, and he would walk around like he was smarter than everybody, if you what A.P. HC in, if physics, astros physics from Princeton, he would tell you we know more about physics then you did because he made a few million dollars in the plastic said the straight in the nineteen fifties, that's a the city it's remind me of, well they don't run the world anymore they lost big time they invested their money in har and they down the wrong horse, and some races you when you lose they lost. They don't know what to do, so they got to get used to playing a fan Shariff taxes, because not only are the Eddie's pissed off of those guys in Silicon Valley who of gotten away with, this kind of thievery, but even the Bernie voters, are pissed off attempts, even the Bernie voters want them, to pay their fair share of taxes was not Bernie's campaign promised, would've been you know the big you to be you know, , , how does a man across Fifty-eight but in dollars, what do you think that some of it has to do with the fact that he's evaded taxes, I is what the common sense say that, and one the St. administrator should say Alright his hitting step before the Tribe you know how much you work, fifty eight billion dollars you made in five years, how much did you actually paid federal taxes, missed this is a whatever it is okay with taking fifty percent of your money for taxes you didn't play next case, it won't happen like that but it's going to happen, so they better pony up pretty quickly, this is a different world, the world has changed but most importantly ladies and gentleman of the great Savage Nation, I have long cold for our borders language and culture to be supported, Hillary was the opposite of that Obama is the opposite of our borders lying which and culture, Obama has a race star border with Mexico he's a New World Order guy you know. One World kind of thing, when you are surrounded by the greatest protectors in the world a secret service, and you got to abuse the taxpayer, I never lifting the finger to do anything of course should only borders, but for the and he's out there that the plural polls the untouchables the on washed masses out there, they want They're borders because borders protect him from the third World hordes, you see Zeke a for example didn't have to emerge here in America, I wrote a book about it last December a year ago I try to one you, I wrote diseases Without Borders, never forget, that although I'm one of the deploy or a Bowles I do have pretty good degrees one of them is an after the me allergy from one of the great University's and doesn't make me a genius but the first rule of epidemia allergy is that you find out the Salsa Minella so you try to isolated you don't bring it into a healthy population, but you see Obama reverse that he brought of the season to healthy population he brought many disease into this healthy population one day after the other, and what to the head of this of the center spurred disease control do, what did the head of the and I still while Obama was violating the basic tenets and laws of public health, they agreed with them, because they became the equivalent of life cinco, and the X Soviet Union. They did anything for their jobs, and one of the things that I want to tell Donald what I see him in December's he has to clean up, the National Institute serve health, the National Science Foundation and the set this for disease control he's got, to clean them up, you know that there's not a grant that goes out from this government, unless there is a tidy into the fraud of goal warming, do you know how many scientists life's lives have been ruined by that fraud that fraudulent make-believe, created miss I'm global warming cause by man, every Grant every research Grand has to show what tight a global warming to be fun that, do you know how many young scientists and all scientists lives a been ruin, because they wouldn't go along with that, I would tell Donald Trump to reach out to them and bring the real scientists back in to science and into medicine so in American see real science a real medical research once again not the Soviet style science that has emerged, on the Barry Obama from Honolulu, so this many things that I would recommend whether he will hear mejor, and that any of them as a lot more to do with and worry about the and I age of the CBC right now, he's got to get things first things first, so how if you order, if you were in charge of Donald Trump's, future plans what the first thing you would do me. You are going I said very simply like play does a public, the first thing you would do if you're in charge of a house that's an Disorder, and you have the power not the straight not your house where this crime, the C's, confusion, is you secure your door is your secure your windows you put on locks that's the border, first thing border, Bill that wall, deep walk the criminals in our presence immediately, you know Cup water all of the illegal aliens he never said he would, he actually follow what I wrote a government zero he never city Deport them, he followed what I wrote in my last bookend in this buck, I am the architect of Trump a mania I don't need you to tell me I am are I'm not I don't need someone and then be seeded tell me I did I don't even know Bell prize I know what I did, he was listening to the show before even decided to run, the first thing you do was your securing a border, you securing a border him to stop the drugs flowing into America, he'll cut them off at the bought are, caught up but the border, and then won thirty the president in this country who are here illegally, and we have to pay fifty thousand you to keep them impressions get them out of the country one farther prisoners I don't care what happens them with a go home. Get him out of this country, their defense station, you know securing your doors you securing a windows, that's the first thing to do, when you re take a house, that's the so watered, join the suburbs mentioned call no eight five five four hundred seventy eight five four, four hundred seven to eight to salvage this average Nation a sponsored by Swiss America the only company I trust with my financial future call eight hundred two eight nine twenty-six forty six or Swiss America dot com, hey you was concerned about America's future is I am the _A_C society becoming avoided values honestly in truth relies become acceptable for so many, could be an c'est you was relationship between Washington a Wall Street now threat your retirement of savings listen I just read a book money morale the in the machine that you have to read it's free listen to me Swiss America my trusted sponsor since all one, well said your copy free free for you must three that no get mix it's free now by calling eight hundred two eight nine twenty-six forty six eight hundred two eight nine twenty-six forty six this book explains how machine back by Wall Street Washington Central backers and speculators, now threatens the global economy it's teetering every Dahl you may think you all this threatened it's very critical that you re this book I want you to call eight hundred two eight nine twenty-six forty six eight hundred two eight nine twenty-six forty six or visit money morale again the machine dot com Savage says don't wait is twenty dollars book is free now you got no. 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They'll be made the American not shined on Mexico, there is so much more we can jam it all into three or four sound bytes, it one is that one of the greatest mandates against the psychopath it progressive, barack Obama you could ever imagine, make no mistake about it and he stood up, and defeated superman once again, I'm Michael Savage, be here be nowhere, join the suburbs nature, call no eight five four hundred seventy eight five, four hundred seven to a two, community Calendar on you stuck on a four point but at them in ninety A.M. 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