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Listen: "Changing the jets green is expected to start warming things up in the midwest" NEW JERSEY BILL

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Lots of new laws on the books in new jersey some of them controversy all more from sheeran or a one is this so called revenge bell governor chris christie says letting towns publisher legal notices on government websites instead of in newspapers could save eighty million dollars a year critics say that will cost newspapers hundreds of jobs i said christie just trying to get revenge against the papers for their critical coverage of him another is the bills striking on ethics rules limiting what new jersey governor skinner and it would boost the salaries for certain state employees and would like christie profit from publishing above while still in office over the weekend most get neck owns newspapers in new jersey ran in a detour we'll criticizing the bills in calling on voters to drain the swapping trenton sharing read new jersey ben will be an warmer this week the poll of or text that record lows across the planes this weekend with below freezing temperatures stretching from the great lakes see in the some of the stuff changing the jets green is expected to start warming things up in the midwest starting tuesday this is it was a radio noon is let's support our goal but don't have time to search the went looking for the most compelling stories then us sports because this for you why spend hours going to multiple sites looking to find sports articles when we can do the work for you.