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Is Autism Becoming Epidemic?

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 one of the first thoughts and then I wonder begin this discussion with is this idea of whether or not there is an autism epidemic we've had people on we're here who say that that is the case. Richer people I personally think there is an epidemic it's affecting more than two percent to be young boys being born in a significant amount the girls, i like to put it in a different might autism it's kind of a silent phenomena and you know it's not jumping up and grabbing everyone's attention, plenty of more than two percent at the baby boys were being born went to had we BNA screaming panic am indefinitely calling an epidemic and I think he they health powers are hesitating to cotton epidemic, then trying not to alarm the public or cause on do you know up for an about it but yeah I think it's an epidemic will and why would that be why wouldn't they just come right out and say that. I'm guessing defer public alarm you know it, medical decisions made by committee when the government involved they like to gather all be evidence in waiting tell you know the results around to to really make approximate Schuman target take that back when she may can't so I'm just