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Dan Marino Gives Advice For Young Quarterbacks

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what was the most important thing I think is a lesson for young quarterback was the most important thing that you did been to help you become the player that more oh my think it was there's a lot of things you do and it's it's really I think it's respecting the game and and and and working at it working as a profession and listening you know , you know the on struck was my back for not never gone started writing YA and I couldn't get enough information from a guys like that fall I was like a little kid all and everything around it yeah exactly why am at play with my father and all that, i get all every though and they are like there was the last time that I was talking about the thought struck yes it will like a little kids home around this try to get as much information I can I think it was the fact that you have talent and that's you know obviously they fold like ahead of those first round pick yeah and you work hard at it and you're around good people is going to give you chance to be successful you got fluid is so started the other that equation is that that aging quarterback is always so willing to help the youngest good that done struck what help you yen aware of that I when I said yeah the was knows true for unknown he was great then to tell you that is a disservice the expectation we throw on some of these young kids go playwright ago was the only the do well in that in that plate right now you know for me lot lot of Dole and it's all, who's around them who's with team loser coaches and all that's part of it and expectations are high because you know you're making a kid number one number two over on a draft expect him to produce right away and that's that's this part of it and if you can be really get what to do you except that role in you and and just do every can be successful