Olympic Gold Medalist Alex Morgan On Sacrificing Socializing For Soccer

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When did you realize that you want to be great I think I.K. realize it I was as different when I was like fourteen are fifteen years old then lie high School was starting in and there was so much more opportunities for like Social settings ongoing Ellington outings and I was like nine got it out about early has I'm Game in the Marty might it's like the stock phrases that you make a like most highs colors would know now the I hearing downhill eyes it was different that you were doing that it was is like a way of life It wasn't lied you how I'm gonna I.K. ice for in as it was like an no I'm not doing not because I'm a game in the Morning that play what like why when I do not it was as a way of maintain another wasn't another option and like it was like this time to the net it's not like I could choose air be its like this is No I chose than the be greatest Soccer i have a chance to be great ad that I can Waked and go out and drink in a Friday night during three be years and few years from now time but and I think that's a different way of thinking but it's not like he don't give yourself like an option Lites you