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Listen: the Turks may not even consider the Kurds allies on any level anywhere in the world

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Off e extremists an you right I think diplomatically Paul the Turks have a where if you have the Kurds particular Lee those a believes are aligned with groups he considers terrorist organizations at home and there is some questions some question that I've seen at least that the Turks may not even consider the Kurds allies on any level anywhere in the world yeah that's right I mean it's interesting whenever whenever you hear President Obama or any other senior military official talk about this glorious ally poll estimate they brought together the coalition of the willing that they're doing the people the good in in Iraq and Syria I'd really important take a microscope to that really see what's going on there and it's exactly as you say France you know we talk about Turkey is one of are strongest partners and surely they are I mean they're in NATO ally we do incredible about a business with them particular in terms of military supplies Thorton made the relationship very very tricky that no one of themost it's not be most effective fighting force on the ground and Syria and that's the key element writing find somebody on the ground to the US airstrikes clear scenario some people go in and actually purposely taken back by the Kurds in period a call the YPG been rock the most but I think that important called Peshmerga but Peter are aligned with their fellow Kurds throughout the region which extended far he is a run and then in the west into Turkey and in Turkey one of the biggest Kurdish group called the PKK which cartoon morass consider the terrorist organization so when we talk about bringing all these element together to create the chemical here and quite that we could get there are gonna take it be Islamic State well that's not necessarily trooper the purpose government for her Kurds on the ground who are a witnessing Turkish airstrikes coming awful near their position thee fourth element that you write about the we should watch in twenty sixteen is a coordinated attack on the United States polyps horrible the think about but it would be the logical next up pretty much everything we've seen so far has been that Hock we had I think a financing demonstration about the rise of ISIS itself kind of caught the US wrong but it right we were preparing to prevent another nine eleven file packed Islamic State good roads off of this idea of small very nimble lone wolf attacks in some cases like what we saw on that train between Amsterdam and and Belgium would be Paris attacks in November and the graph even with the San Bruno de no attacks which as as we understand had no direct connection with Islamic State group headquarters in Iraq and Syria but rather were people who were inspired by the Islamic state group calling other one of anger they're gonna look to do it and make that jumped the have their beef and sort of impact in the Western Hemisphere that beard clearly originates from rock from their headquarters in theory they're able to do in Paris i don't know how much valid affected western policy in terms of fighting Islamic State group but I think he would certainly change the with you and Tina listeners would think about what the about is Paul which a seven minutes so Leffler the final item one year list which you shut India Islamic State groups mouth the movie well they're propaganda network had been probably the most remarkable element of their entire campaign their ability to reach out through social media group walk through you know whether they're both catching a lot better directly targeting people and getting young people by the biggest affected for people who have very good drive but the summer even feel that Islamic state group has Nancy that they're looking for bringing.