Listen: "The Internet contains many pictures of happy people hugging what appeared to be unhappy dogs"

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Koren rights inside College it today quote the internet contains many pictures of happy people hugging what appeared to be unhappy dogs he found the dogs an eighty one point six percent of the photos showed at least one sign of discomfort stress or anxiety only seven point six of the dogs appeared comfortable well being more than four out of five dogs he says find this human expression of affection to be unpleasant when people hotdogs and he goes on to write that's the key Dogs are to people but dogs natural impulse when faced with a threat is to run away by embracing and dog you take away it's ability to deal with potential threats instead of hugs core and recommends showing affection through pets I threw pet treats or play time this all and in a new study which was a published by New York magazine but apparently when you hunger dog not exactly the thing that I love because they can't get away but as Charles points out you know if the kind of hug as well I I agree I completely agree with that study and you can't tell if you don't not comfortable and you need to go see somebody there you go I tried to hugged Charles and he wasn't comfortable with what he's saying the Charles the dog not get this that dubious to are I mean only because we're talking about dogs but the place to work with Al all Gardner that way back in the day when I was is producer there was a piece of audio that I can always play and it would just have him on the floor and among the Sound Effect there was one that was slated dog a laughing and if I played this clip for Al he was on the Emmy couldn't do the segment if I played this corporate for the record one they got it it makes me now that Doug apparently not being hug I think that report six twenty-six now in W meeting.