Talk Show Host: Why 'I Would Rather Smoke Pot Than Drink Alcohol'

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we now know the medical marijuana is actually extraordinarily effective against a variety of conditions, next unit, but apartment, you know rare ranging from in some yet, to their pain in and, nausea so Suter chemotherapy in cancer and may even be an anti carcinogenic him and, not to mention that it's a pre have quite friendly recreational drug you know my personal experiences that, I would rather you know have, I would rather smoke Potvin drink alcohol I its alcohol is extremely destructive, you know kills, you know thousands tens of thousands of Americans every year no one's ever died from marijuana and and, you know not to mention how people behave when there is a drunk first stone on their stunned, you know when their drunk they tend to get into this fights and stuff like that and understand that time to get all too much on you know I'll take the latter any day,