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Is It Time To Panic For The Seattle Seahawks? NFL Analyst Tony Boselli Answers

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He played like sam bradford what he was at oklahoma one when he was the first overall pick that's what we thought we'd see all these years him and hoping fo on bigs in and and the rest of that group so i think they'll be ok because that defense is so good they get that that double play from bradford will be just fine so i stay in the nfc and stay with another team that is to uno i think a surprise knotted terms or the fact that who they beat cousins just the bronze in the bears but the fact of their goal with a rookie quarterback tony was sell you been around teams that had good starts from from guys before it's carson once good start a good enough reason for people in philadelphia they'd be really excited not just about this year but for the full future listen if you're fell duffy your family eagles get excited week no matter what cause it might end quickly in enough as of philadelphia fan you're used to being miserable so try to smile though bickell you got a rookie quarterback to played pretty well the first two weeks but here's the little dose of reality he did against the cleveland browns that aren't any good and he did it against the chicago bears that i don't know how good they are he did not score a lot of points because the defense held to offices that are averaged a below average to sixteen fourteen points and so the pressure was in there whole different story this week with pittsburgh coming to town let's see if the young quarterback holds up like you did the first two weeks and that that this is the first test western one analyst joining the selling with this year on nfl insider donate your career has been on the off and some line when you've watched the seahawks last year's the common conversation has been about that often someone struggles that being said they still been able to score a lot of points the last two years with russell wilson they have scored a total of fifteen points through two weeks is it time to panic in seattle for that office some no because there are so good defensively and they got russell wilson now the big difference is is no more some blanched iu's beat up most of last year i like the receiving corps led by doug baldwin in tow when panic yet you know i really respect tom cable the robinson line coaching does a great job he'll get the most out of those guys but it doesn't get better and the next couple weeks and you don't start seeing an improvement then i would panic because you can't if you have a great defense which saw this last year and the denver broncos great defense average offensive line play it's the health emigrate.