The Origin Of Dim Sum

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Carl Court
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didn't some is a style of cooking in eating, it is, , from Southern China, for Kanter nice cuisine, and the word to him some there, in the literally Top ten heart, some people of set it means something From the heart, almost as a waved inspiring the Chef to make something, very sole fall, but dot were also suggests it's small, well it is indeed it you know the Chinese version of tapas or maybe tapas is that the Spanish version of the summer in and it small clips of food that are typically Eaton, along with a pot of tea, typically in the morning of some certainly sometimes in the afternoon very casually and, in kept a nice a phrase, when you use Eddie or your child or friend whatever lets you know them some so your job and young timing just drink tape let's trying to end so when you couldn't, a restaurant the first thing that they ask, but I'm up here and there say T.D.,