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Heal: How Dogs Are Helping The Fight Against Cancer

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your book called heal the by the old dogs in the search for cancer years just it now looking at it looks like a great you know just about picking up a look inside the towell I find that book people, and people how similar are they to humans stars that go, really, no no, that cats fall into this thing category, what are the statistics for dogs getting cancer down the date is their credible aren't they, heard about dog to cast tickets without cancer ever heard this, really, underway, find out that the ideal is is treatment pretty much the same do you know our animals go the chemotherapy radiation humans do doesn't work the same on them, two, it's talks about how the dog's up here some cancers inhuman and we able to take that treatment in turned around in help the dogs one, the book is called heal the vinyl role dogs of the search for cancer years the author early white with us who is the book for is it for dog lovers that have bought with cancer dog lovers that don't have bought with cancer,