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Eric Metaxas On Abortion

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Save on carpet and Pau gives you an absolute blows prices and a thirty day lowest price guarantee to give year old lowers a brand new look with save on carpet and Tyler in San Bernardino in your yet, weekdays ninety six weekends feel five P.M., no no nine, eight eight five eleven eighty eight, or logon to save on confident tile dot com that there's a be oh and carpet in Kyle dot com click the lowest prices guarantees save on Monday save on time at save on carpet in Kyle, nine oh nine eighty five eleven eighty-eight, nine oh nine eighty five the living eighty-eight, you're listening to the air attacks a show but they of five ninety the answer, , the, , man I've ever this and in junior in radio his name is Derek Hanson and, with up I love your sees than thinking Eric handsome that is so sweet, , sure at all, today's my twenty of winning in her series season in, is my bright of these took a low, twenty years and by the way those are consecutive years think about, okay folks I was just reading, my article were taking your calls one eight hundred nine seven three sixteen eighty four, but I was I was reading this article cause I said I'm going to take some time to think through, how I feel about the selection and what we could do and so the title of its in a loss to turn a Wall Street Journal dot com. Should Christians vote for Trump, , , trust behavior so he is but Quintin has a de pour a ball basket full of deal breaker is this the some total it's not my for the title, but I I do think it's something serious rest the think about and so I'm reading it now to what your appetite go online was internal dot com or to my Twitter page and my Facebook page, what tomorrow morning actually this I'm in the actual paper, I can't wait to see it in the, in the paper but anyway I was reading the article so let me go back a little bit here , I'm talking about, I basically say that, two heroes of mine have faced similar difficulties Wilbur force who ended the slate traded British Empire often work with other parliament carrying team new to be violent and in moral, in their personal lives why did he first because of the sincere Christian he knew he must extend Grayson forgiveness to others, since he desperately needed them himself second because he knew the main issue was not his moral purity, nor the moral purity out moral in purity of his colleagues but rather the injustice is and harbours suffered by the African slaves who's cause he champion, he knew that before got his first obligation was to than any must do what he could to help them, the anti Nazi marred or deep you're gon offer also did things most Christians of his day were disgusted by he most infamous rejoined eight plot to Kill the head of his government. He was horrified by it but he didn't nonetheless because we knew that this they Morley you were would allow the murder of millions to continue doing nothing or merely praying was not an option he understood that god was merciful and they even if his actions proved to be wrong god saw his heart, and god, could forgive him, but he knew he must act, well the force and one offer knew it was an audience of one capital oh, two, they would ultimately answer and he asks capital age, what did you do to the least of these, it's a fact folks that if Hillary Clinton selected the country's chance have Supreme Court that values the constitution, and the genuine Liberty and self government for which millions have died is, gun, not for four years or eight but for ever, many say Trump can't be trusted to deliver on this score, but misses couldn't certainly can be trusted in the, a sit direction, for our kids an grand kids are we not applied to take our best shot at this shall we fit, and refuse, to choose, if imperious we floating the rules, by having a private server endangered American lives in secrets in may lead to more depth, if she cynic we deleted thousands of email send if or foreign policy judgment led to the rise of the Islamic State won't refusing to vote, make meet responsible, for those suffering, as a result of these things, how do I scoring out of this horrific conundrum. It's unavoidable, we you can vote must answer to guide for these people who he loves, we are indeed our brothers and sister's keepers, we would be responsible for passively electing someone who champions the a bomb a nation of partial berth abortion, someone who celebrated by an organization that sells baby part we already live in a country where judges force Baker's, florist and photographers to violate their conscience as and faith in misses Quentin has zealously ratify des, if we believe this ends with Baker's of the Todd refers we are horribly mistaken, no matter your faith or lack of faith this status to new of America will dramatically affect you, and your children, for many of us this is very painful, going deliver for someone many think OT yes, but please consider depth, oh vote for Donald Trump is not necessarily of vote for Donald Trump himself, it's a vote for those who will be affected, by the results of this election, not to vote, is to vote, god will not hold, and you know plus, , so, that's what I have to say, and that's subject, if you wanna read it for yourself were share it with your friends it took the Wall Street Journal it just, was put up the folks on the opinion page you got it up in time, for this program, so if you're Wall Street Journal dot com you should see it fairly quickly it would mean a lot to me if you if you think. What I say is worth reading it would mean everything to me, if you would share it, , with that with your friends, if they have Facebook or Twitter or wherever you, wherever you share things, I have it on my Facebook page also, and I think it's already been shared thirty times thirty six times, well, thank you for sharing it forty nine times, well I'm amaze we disperse of this this hour, and it's also, they're on Twitter so I just want to mind you've all those things, , I don't wanna forget to mention also that, , we are you doing, something with Reagan privacy dot com this is this is kind of amazing it it was but to Mike Jensen every time he's gmail or whatever you basically advertising Google or Yahoo or whatever you use your average hasn't every time he sent in email, you know that says at gmail dot com or whatever, if you'd rather advertise, the name Ronald Reagan good a Reagan privacy that coming at a private email that says at Reagan dot com and by the way those are it's it's extremely quiet it what I mean by that is that you get less spam, you get, you know it in the big tech companies like gmail, they are literally skin in your emails to target you with an unwanted advertising that is not a joke, geared reading your emails to target you with advertising Chris times is just. 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Right me crazy okay and this, so you got to say it can't say here voter doesn't matter so in the home on ninety four million good have an opportunity to dramatically shift the electorate, good, , morning after Brian but, been Shapiro and the leisure crowd sweep the mornings at six take us with you everywhere on our mobile app they five ninety the answer, they on five, , after, two, well, , , does it was just couple seconds left in this hour, I want to say again, it's, my twenties inverse three she's and I got married twenty years ago today, I can't believe it I'm just like I really move by this, I love my wife, on a far less pleasant subject actually I wrote a piece for the Wall Street Journal it just came out in just a show you how unpleasant things are in this election, religion news service twenty-two minutes ago posted something, my article, and, they are completely wrong in what they say this is what they did the title as popular Christian author Texas stands by Donald Trump yeah okay here's what they say it says that, , that that I've been one of those vigorous defenders of Donald Trump that garbage that is not true, Mike my my endorsement of him as always been tepid in qualified, but it says to the point that he initially made a light, of the ugly video, that emerged last week of the G Opie now many bragging about sexually harassing women that is absolutely not. True, I have not seen the video, I had no I stupidly tweeted out because I think I read another tweet and so I tweeted out something like oh he used bad language, and I can make fun of it like a what a big surprise Donald Trump used Atlanta's but religion news services has already published an article claiming that, right made light of the video I would never make a light, of a video like that but in the first, and tenth, of this religion is service article, by Kimberly Winston, they're claiming that I made light of the video, I never saw the guy didn't see the video for twenty four hours I would never make light of something like that so this is the this is what is going on with living in a time where journalists, even at religion news service They're they're not even giving the most basic facts right there saying something about mainly which is simply not, true if it were true I would apologize for it, but it's not true I would never make White the video like that when I tweeted I was incredibly clear it was that I thought he's he'd use bad language, and, I was very wrong in a series I realize that I said Whoa, I and I completely agree that it was sickening blah blah blah blah blah and I said I'm in a go off Twitter and think about this, so I'm just like blown away their religion news service like moments after my article appears at the Wall Street Journal.