Listen: "Their first win at the Spurs since 1997"

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Stephen Dunn
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We always have our Podcast available for you all four hours updated every week day morning you confided on our website after hours any Lawrence dot com I want to be were waiting and now couple hundred in our showed Paul which of The Warriors remarkable accomplishment if even his most impressive you got the seventy two wins of course with Wednesday being the chance for the single-season mark no back-to-back losses the only team in NBA history has never gone to riff even without dropping back-to-back games nose for road wins ever which is my personal favorite because of the difficulty of playing on the road and the pitfalls we're away from home for longer than a couple of games that it's time every team's doubles but The Warriors have thirty-four road win first win at San Antonio since the David David Robinson when Gregg Popovich wasn't quite as crafty no probably not but their first two win at the Spurs had nineteen ninety-seven those are your options Right now more than half of your thing to seventy-two wins which I know that's an easy sell hides nothing in Baltimore welcomed after our CBS Sports Radio.