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Ohio Suspends Executions Till 2017: Can't Find Good Lethal Drugs

Is it really that hard to kill people? Two radio hosts discuss the state of Ohio's decision to suspend executions until 2017 due to a shortage of "good lethal drugs."

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"I'm sure they could at least plan to find some of those drugs by 2016."

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Ohio delays all executions until 2017, they've delayed executions because of problems finding supplies of lethal injection drugs, the announcement on Monday means Ohio will go at least two years without putting anyone to death, and marks another setback in efforts to carry out capital punishment in the state. - Yeah, I thought it was a little bit interesting that they just completely wrote-off like 2016, you know, I'd understand like alright, we can't find any good lethal drugs that are going to kill people with dignity, so yeah, let's not kill anyone for the rest of the year, but I'm sure they could at least plan to find some of those drugs by 2016. - Not very optimistic. - How do they work? - Not very optimistic. - Wait, optimistic about killing people, that's. - Yeah, that don't make sense.