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Listen: Live in the news room the South Valley man accused of threatening police making bombs

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Live in the news room the South Valley man accused of threatening police making bombs and butI traffic is so low says he did all the Chrysler help KMJ is Ruth Michael's explains Kern County sheriff's deputies Baker spill police on the bomb squad continued a clear explosive set at the Johannesburg home a fifty one year old Todd Sloan he was arrested on bomb-making charges on Senator day but yesterday Sloan said in a jail house interview he posted threats to police on Facebook for weeks is awaiting get help from down a last resort on Ben throughout my life who's been threat not been time get a federal investigation per year Sloan denies city place movie traps inside his house he says since he grows his own marijuana what officers found were alarms and motion detectors toward of burglar i mean common give me some that that they were all the stuff that coming at me on left without a choice I'm fighting for my life fifty one year old is expected to be a rain today in Kern County Superior Court on numerous felony counts Sloan is being held on more than two million dollars bail Eagles came chain and nearly two dozen new employees read a tumor said County Sheriff's department the 20 new members today office were sworn in yesterday morning Chevron once he says a new employees will fill various positions they include animal control officers Deputy trainees court Bayless dispatch years and patrol deputies.