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Listen: Me it's time the Cleveland Browns a parted ways with Johnny men cell

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Six until ten eastern time and will be back to phone calls but first you're insiders Bart Scott me it's time the Cleveland Browns a parted ways with Johnny men cell making a mockery organization you keeping more a me Texas can you give a kid he's RAD kid I was born in Philly has a sense of entitlement there's gotta go you know but that made sense would Johnny once but you lead in goals we could try go back the Dallas and then you know once a game you know Jerry Jones be enabler for some by the kind of power their way out of town and found a way to get a job Lee insiders a great i've tried it a fan Johnny man's el this season but it's impossible now after purpose fully miss seeing your concussion protocol check up a last Sunday I got a big is an partying in a way you've put yourself in the middle of disaster yet again so at this point in time you can ever be confident that man sell learn says lesson yeah you got a cut bait if you the Browns maybe he's got a future but his future has to be somewhere else because he is proving he can not be trusted fur that organization and you've already got too many problems Pro Bowl quarterback Trent Green now a member of the NFL on CBS told me Kerr cousins has the goods to win this playoff game today I see him playing along with his rookie year he win in the did some good things when argue three got they got banged up like year you know the problem the curtain had been in a lot of Holder that seven early long it is the thing differently he would have one game and then you did say oh my gosh I got a big hit on these ready to roll in and I think he needed to treat it would mean we'd make a really good thank you believe indignant grow and then you know two games later you know her very getting in the game and it would be there were never the consistency whether become the heater consistently bad so because of that you knew there were flashes there you saw him come out in certain game i think in this you know this could actually be inside these you know what I give Washington and Jay Gruden said major credit because there is so much in consistency in Kerr cousins game and yet they stuck with them they went with him over RG three and I felt like they had put too much stock in the Kerr cousins in yet here he is a year later hosting a playoff game so good job by Washington identifying it good job by Kerr cousins in really playing well this season an finally Sean all Harold multiple time Pro Bowl offensive line and now a member of the NFL Network Super Bowl champion as well a things Russell Wilson's playing as well as anybody in the NFL right now you look at what what Russell Wilson has done this season is that its own pass rating but to me it was bistro's that he made We all know Russell Wilson is athletic we've seen a run around and make plays with his feet and then extend plays and burned seasons that way but Russell Wilson led the NFL this year in pass rating which in the pocket and I think that's something that that kind of surprised me when I saw that you know had attended digestive you also Russell Wilson without Marshawn Lynch without Jimmy Graham he's been lighting up and he too thirty two touchdowns this year inside the pocket so it's continuing to add another layer to his game you know I think you might be the hottest quarterback right now in the league insiders huge growth this year and I don't think it's a coincidence that it happened after Jimmy Graham went down i am goes down and then the more of these the balance and he offered I think finally came back without the hysteria of trying to force feed ground the ball wears a gonna get the ball how they gotta get 'em indoor indoctrinated into they all fans what they gonna do to the passing game became a more at ease anything for Russell Wilson and I think Rawlings was huge in taken me the pressure off the quarterback in a lot of ways even though Wilson was tremendous Raul slows grade but now Marshawn Lynch out for today's game that's gonna have to affect the Seahawks Seattle does not one after thirty five to forty times a game in that win did that cold they might have to though Marshawn Lynch will not play.