Here Are Some Ways To Keep Your Dog Warm This Winter

An Animal Rescue League representative provides some helpful advice about looking after your dog this winter.

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"Some dogs have never seen snow before, so even, if they're potty trained and those sort of things can go right out the window."

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What's good advice? First of all, for our pets, and than we'll get talking about farm animals and live stock and horses. - Yea, the biggest thing, well the shock will be for a lot of them is last night and this morning. Some dogs have never seen snow before, so even, if they're potty trained and those sort of things can go right out the window. - Yea, Nick I noticed that. You know, we've been talking on this program about our lab puppy Piper. Piper loved the snow when it was first coming down, and this morning she was just unhappy. Didn't really know what to do once she got out on the patio and I think she didn't know how to take care of business or something like that. So I suppose I should maybe shovel a path. I have a dachshund too, so I always shovel a path. I think for a puppy that would make sense. For folks who don't know, a lab puppy is a big dog already. - When she gets to be one hundred pounds, than come talk to me. - Yea, right. - Yes, it's definitely, clear a path, re-track, re-potty train them. As you did on the very first day, take them out to the streets when they go potty. Don't leave them out there, you know supervise them in this weather. It's too cold just to let them out, some people are just like 'oh, I'll just go out and do this' or they're sitting outside in the cold and they can't have that. Also, my mine girls for example, she is likes to leave hers in. I actually have a potty on her porch so even if they won't go downstairs we still offer, you know we can offer alternatives even with some dogs. Like when I was in apartments in Chicago, there was an indoor toilet for winter. So, you can live on multiple floors and you're not going all the way down. So, the cold is definitely alone, so don't leave them out. If you have animals that are outside, they should have good shelter, warmth, even heating. So, you know, I'm not a big advocate of all the time having pets outside, living outside. Have them in with you, keep them warm. And than we have our salt issue. We need to make sure we're watching. Where our pets are going is pet safe, because it's going to get stuck in their paws, it's going to cause irritation, and we're going to end up with an unhappy dog.