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Graham Hancock On The Great Pyramids Of Giza: 'I Think They Were Using The Same, Almost Magical Scientific Techniques'

Author Graham Hancock of the recently published "Magicians Of The Gods", explores the history of the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt.

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"I think we're looking at a very complicated site."

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Giza is a gigantic construction site that's thousands of years old where huge projects have been initiated and put under way, so certainly there will be workers villages there, certainly there were work forces there, certainly we can find traces of those work forces but were those the very work forces that built the great pyramid? That's another question. By the way I'm not one of those who seeks to divorce the great pyramids entirely from the ancient Egyptians. I think we're looking at a very nuanced site at Giza, and again I go into this in Magicians Of The Gods. We're looking at a site, it's not a simple site. You know there are two simplistic views of Giza. One is that it's all thousands to twelve thousand to fifteen thousand, thirty thousand, hundreds of thousands of years old, or that it was made by aliens or whatever I think that's a very simplistic view and the other is the mainstream Egyptological view that it was made entirely by the ancient Egyptians in the period from 3,000 BC onwards. I think both views are wrong. I think we're looking at a very complicated site. I think that elements of the site are remotely ancient and other aspects of the site were the work of the ancient Egyptians.  The ancient Egyptians store themselves as the inheritors of and as the continuers of a very ancient tradition that had come down to them from the Gods. Now, we may argue about who or what those Gods were but we can't argue that that's what the ancient Egyptians said. And they said that their uncanny abilities to manipulate stone and the ancient Egyptians were brilliant stone cutters and stone carvers were a legacy of the knowledge of the Gods. So, we can see the ancient Egyptians as the continuers of a tradition and I trace that tradition back 12 and a half thousand years in such monuments as the subterranean chamber beneath the great pyramid of course the great sphinx is more than 12,000 years old and Robert Shoch's excellent geological work on the sphinx going back to the 1990's has long ago made that case. The megalithic temples at Giza. The base courses of the great pyramids but I think the pyramid themselves were completed by the ancient Egyptians and I think they were using the same, almost magical scientific techniques to do that job that had originally come down from a lost civilization.