JXB1 Social Business's Jake Wengroff Reveals The Smart Earpiece 'Pilot'

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the fact that that combined shouldn't actually outstrip us Snacks unmatched and that books, I mean Jets just incredible it is in the him when you, figures in again this is not necessarily just about Selling unit but it's also about getting the crawl away in more hands that's where the real success comes in and I didn't know that there were that many people who were already signed on the Como este, will shore it's also that let's face it at three on those traditional manufacturers need, laich knee and when novo which is former I.B.M. P.C. division and they have had longstanding multi year contracts with government's schools corporations and whatnot, okay so what I think is happy it is that some of these numbers are high because of those continue week relationship, with those very very large enterprise customer so I think that's what it is but of course you know those decision makers and all of those organizations they could easily have chosen back but they can easily done that but now they designed to come books and not Yacht this is this is fantastic this is so that I mean who would ever think they Google will be considered the underdog but, the crown because the underdog and actually beat out some about with that was significant him see how Microsoft if Microsoft responds to this because you know when those nights sales are going to be doing the little bit buy that as well and if you're with us Jake