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Stocks That Are 'Sitting Tight'

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Spencer Platt
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Always remember that that's how it works all right back to the markets as they did all simple goal this but we don't even need markets going on we want to find leadership that are outdo went out pacing markets and recently there's been a bunch areas that are two of the opposite breaking down while markets again hat today the worst areas got to study upside y central bank in the live ball boats type of things but we just want to report to you the names we've already mentioned to you got up and sitting tight and what we means by tight a spot traits between eighty or ninety for twelve weeks goes up the might be kick it through it closed out the eighty can't drop below what a back and forth a back and forth the back and forth and then finally jumps the hell out of it to the upside we're looking for a bunch it out and they're a bunch of a was right now that are in that don't sitton tight yeah y el picked amazon facebook video line white material sp he should systems and then you have ones that a little bit another good assault which has kept up a leap which seems to be with net teased with a strong gifts is it but not great growth rates but they wheeler they got one big gigantic ranges they're trying to bust out of it was the right type but markets and hopefully we started the right type of markets today these names will leave it continue a lead at least the earnings because i was going to come out about four to five weeks so that is just a lis breer rubio.