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The History Of The Word 'Stress'

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when it comes to a stressed that were that we hear all the time stress right hundred times they hear the word rest polls on the problem is that are issues are not around stress you see there's a second word that used to be associated with stress no we associates and more with Stress with that was a stress and a TD no say you remember is called stress and strain all over that China's address, stress and strange altogether engineering terms we have a word for stress and biochemistry stress biology into this guy any Hans sell yay in the nineteen twenties in nineteen thirties invented the concept and he didn't really blame stress he blamed strain any borrow the terms from engineering in from from the the production of bridges stresses strain involve the the forces and the response to the forces that are placed on bridges and engineers use those terms mathematics we make sure bridges are gonna fall who are gonna fall down in one storm so the on sell you a bar these terms and applied into the body but really they are about forces and responses to forces and that's where we up our DC stress is everywhere we can avoid stresses part of being a lie use you is the response to the stress follow you know it's not the stress it's the response to the says it's the strain that we should be honest rain not about stress the reason we're misled or one of the reasons were misled in the bleeding of stress is because if you think it's all about the world allowed to not about your responses to you go outside yourself to fight solutions but if you realize is that it's the strain which is your