How To Get Your Kids Involved In The Kitchen

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so let's let's let's get back to that Sabrina let's talk about the children in and how your children help you out in-home in me this you really wanna involve the don't shoot, yeah I mean I think firms along making being very hectic sometimes involved kid indication itself like Richter food preparation and sometimes we feel like that he only way to involved and then I as along with the kids in school during the week I turn to do a lot of cracked in the morning when art school because in action and art activities are going the hostages very busy and this summer they kind of come into the kitchen themore with me but no other way but I like to encourage Harris can you bring their children insista the next lesson is two gasoline just disgusted more NASA this there's a certain will therefore they like a trial recipe that like entirely correct and look at a cookbook and saying maybe of like a try this recipe or when you're grocery shopping ask them whatNew fruit or vegetable they might like a tried appears that encourages then really inspire them to then try this and you know that's where they really tarantulas caters they don't try something that their involved with it if they make a or great shoe that or say somehow are feel that connection ownership with that right will want to try it