Listen: "The Patriots are looking for the heir apparent"

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Christian Petersen
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Their backup shooting good anywhere they're all over the place during diamond doesn't any my god somebody is always out of work it in the NFL that's not what the Patriots were looking for the Patriots are looking for the heir apparent but the problem is when is the heir apparent supposed to take over like I said earlier the big question mark is when will the injury bug hit Brady to a point where he's now effective anymore when will the injury bug hit Brady they just takes so long the comeback it's very very difficult to see the same player because that's what happened with Manning everything was going OK for two thousand and fifteen a two thousand fourteen Manning was doing alright broncos winning games noticed under the Saint Louis game of the two thousand fourteen season start handing the ball off in the Broncos Lawson there was a buzz that he was hurt and then he looked her that he was really really look you know we found that the him of the season he was hurt he never recovered that season you all remember the game against the Indianapolis Colts in the playoffs we had the first down right there right in front of the many rather instead of diving for this running towards the sticks with an open field he ran out about peyton Manning struggled with injuries dual point de two thousand fifteen was a mess and it came and it will came quickly the Patriots know that that could happen in some rain any time but at the same time they've got a quarterback that is on their roster then again they drafted in the second round who they have signed through two thousand seventeen who in all likelihood will not see the starting lineup from the New England Patriots barring injury to Tom Brady will not be his team in Phil rainy turns forty-two if the contract were to come to fruition I don't know full well it's a good security so I don't know Jimmy drop all be traded that's the question I want to know with this new deal for Tom Brady eight hundred seven seven seven to nine zero seven over to join us tonight we'll talk about the end via we're going to talk into unsuitable basketball Shelby matched from Bracco y dot com that's.