Listen: "No problem with South Carolina State, eighty-one, sixty-nine that's the NBA scene"

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Ezra Shaw
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But first the latest sports update when my number one seed Marco Bolelli when I didn't see that the problem if you make the fate lies there's nobody would be lies I took about one see that's Kansas they dropped West Virginia eighty one seventy-one Big twelve title game likely the number one overall seed North Carolina which third Virginia sixty-one fifty-seven they take the ACC title seen Hall won their first biggest championship at twenty-three years to shift Avila Nova sixty-nine sixty-seven meanwhile Oregon trying to make a statement for one seed in the pack twelve title game wrote a lot of good Whiteside nobody quickly he easily sinks it not so they succeeded they doubled them up I don't look like the one waited all doom Braves been as that with eighteen is already put hurting on Utah eighty-eight fifty seven John say that Mike Montgomery the call was one one customer if they by Maryland fifty-four sixty-one Big Ten semi musty Purdue in The Finals the race Michigan seventy-six fifty-nine as the three semi Kentucky outscore Georgia ninety-three eighty Texas a M overpowered LSU seventy-one thirty-eight donnybrook took the American east eighty seventy four pass for months which of their first antsy Double a appearance in school history Weaver stayed edge Montana sixty-two fifty-nine they would big scout convert USAA goes to Middle Tennessee fifty-five fifty-three overall Dominion buffalo topped Akron sixty-four sixty-one a Mack Fresno State down fifty-eight est sixty-eight sixty-three they win the mound West I have to know promise South Carolina State eighty-one sixty-nine that's the NBA scene Cal State Bakersfield going Dan for the first time ever it with a whack fifty-seven fifty-four past Mexico state even at Boston thump Texas a M Corpus Christi eighty-two sixty earn the south when bed a wide with at Long Beach State fifty-four sixty The Big West and Southern Open a Jackson fate fifty-four fifty-three when the slack one off the court no charges for likely to be fired Oklahoma State After years NBA The Warriors about the phones one twenty-three won sixteen bracing a nine point fourth quarter deficit spurs dump and Thunder ninety-three eighty-five thirty-two one oh one home hawks by the Grizzlies ninety-five eighty-three Raptors outscored he won twelve one of four in OT Pacers topped the match won twelve one oh five Hornets by the Rockets won twenty-five one oh nine pluck him Pelicans one of three ninety-two Pistons aboard the Sixers one twenty-five one eleven Nuggets into Wizards won sixteen one hundred play Just Pump the Magic one twenty-one eighty-four conduct Prescott arrested for DUI I've Mississippi just two days after his pro day a mark ability you wanna hockey duck come to the wrong place the dugout leave show three to six Eastern Time only on CBS Sports Radio.