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Listen: The Bengals have the ball all they do with you either scored get one first down the gay would've been over

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Stephen Dunn
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Coming up but twenty minutes from now But in case you you're just waking up and you what's been early the DAV Bangles pie Pirates Bengals Steelers game The Bengals have the ball all they do with you either scored get one first down the gay would've been over they Fumble the football Ben Wallace were comes it after being out a within injured shoulder leave him down the field 20 in a field goal to win the game Again they they they Roth TV wide receiver penalty against Leo supporting like contest penalty on bonds has burst raked what wethey hit from his shoulder pads to Antonio Brown's helmets then they you know a 15 yards with Joe reporter whose a coach who the Steelers came out for whatever reason I guess he's argue that they beat to check on Antonio Brown but he's starting yap into the Bengals at pac-man Jones losses cool and shove them so those he 30 yard play basically who for that's reform that is rough 1 make it did feel and they win the game Nina say the Bengals were happy about so much everyone does in 2016 Batman Jones what is better than we have to obviously bleep out a few little words big is a is pretty per fan placed and so you got airport in the middle of the other there were some let's say some took the only put up i think that's will top that by the way Zaidi airport and Joe reported but some it this tomato tomorrow night so that was initially following the game and he got the scars and that's what he did when I did see i was at Sault let's also throw an He went past reporters did speak right went to its card a post this just a split that's points off on throwing out the fan support enough used his speed to reporters where he could actually voice all this nonsense no Hindu that they're doing Instagram He went Instagram he refused to talk to reporters hit the views his debut the views up it's a page views up at a banjo second addicts After Tom down an after he was informed by simply pull including from they were willing to believe puritan Deion Sanders said he texted packed with told and take it down don't forget you can be a free agent next year as it did pac-man Jones's like that in a matter of so after he calmed down he posted this I don't good months in minutes.