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Listen: "Damian Lillard goes off for fifty one in that game"

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Jonathan Daniel
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For the best record in the history of the and be a is something that Golden State Ken to kick it really look at again and for a second yesterday Saturday morning after a blowout loss to Portland of all teams you lose by thirty two points Damian Lillard goes off for fifty one in that game you come back back-to-back situation you're on the road against a Clippers team that has played a lot better without Blake Griffin it's L.A. team that you have some bad blood in history with even though fewer Golden State you have dominated this rivalry in recent times it was a chance for L.A. to assert itself to show people that they should be taken somewhat seriously as a threat to win it and be a championship or at least a threat to knock off one of the top teams in the Western Conference and it for Golden State was a test because if you're going to go out there and a win seventy three games you can't afford to lose two in a row you're on a seven-game road trip the back end of things are going to have to go down to Texas and play Dallas and play San Antonio so In the dog days of the end be a season with the trade deadline behind us with no major moves made if you are trying to find a storyline here to the and be a season something to get you to follow the and be a night in and night out I bet for you right now it's the Warriors push to top the ninety six Bulls and when seventy three games after last night when and you'd never trailed pass the opening minutes when and he did the kind of triple double gave you got from drained on Green were one possession he's guarding de Andre Jordan and it a few possessions later he's defending Chris Paul when you have that kind of game Green playing the five defending the one klay Thompson goes off for thirty two you shoot over fifty percent that reminded me of how good the Warriors can be in that likes serious doubts said in that but when you lose a game the way that Golden State did Portland it became more realistic to me it bad they could go on a losing streak or that the Bulls supremacy here there indelible mark on the game their incredible season it seemed less in doubt after the poured in law Portland loss now I want to say this because it's been a long time since I've been on the year here and your Philip Tony CBS Sports Radio.