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Your Tech Devices Are More Vulnerable Than You Think, Expert Warns

Robert L. Deitz who has worked as a legal advisor to both the CIA and the NSA, as well as the Department of Defense, talks about privacy, or the lack of it, online.

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career and one reason I was so eager to have Bob dates back with us on the program if you've been listening to this very line thanks by the way you probably are familiar with Bob sliced he's an attorney himself, Professor of public policy a George Mason University, and he's been all kinds of things as the lyre or he was an official in the C.I.A. he's worked with and National Security Agency and the Department of Defense among many other government agencies a nice cleared for Threes Supreme Court Justice is it's such a pleasure to have you with a spot, Kyle thank you so much more in place to be here, I understand you were just on the how does earn that were talking about it, privacy issues I don't want to get in says the issues as they relate to be an F.A.A. it's not that kind of a program but, just yesterday I read something where he had a certain, browse there, even if you hadn't activated a Webb Cameron audio device it was collecting, everything that was going on in the room, where that computer as Adams, I tend to be spurt by stories like this anyway but Darling really spoke to me is there anything to it, oh yeah I'm and by the way has something to me and I say, packers can do it, might relief, I always a lot, you know friends and students on others to come, put apiece, I'm asking cape approach to Cameron here, your computer, only didn't is so I wasn't being paralyzed no Penn and he's a little paranoid his thing, well, maybe the people listening and heard the story in a horse stories of in our young girls they don't even stop texting believe it