Here's How To Prank Call A Restaurant For A Celebrity

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hello Melissa my name's tougher black you've probably heard me, are you tell for black are you were here for medical and now you're two though if I'm an agent of the stars mixing on teams here something, sorry sorry, oh nothing you never heard of tougher black before, are you looking for upon listen one of my clients when my mega clients is planning to die nature establishment so your question that I call have Nixon arrangements okay, thank you thank you thank you, he's sitting down our I take you might want to grab a seat it's none other than a list celebrities superstar MATLAB block i care Matthew the block my clients, there are Joey from friends sorry I, and he was a is the TV you go or hold of hats, you're pulling my leg right sorry I'm not really in a TV saying you don't have to be in that you need to know the Matthew blog is aren't and you wanna make that rather be put your supervisor on the phone place, i'm sorry you offended me not only me that you've also offended Matthew the block, you know what happen if I would back and I said Hey Mac they don't know who you are put me on the phone with your manager now because I will have your job, fire because I don't know and the US led pretty all my caught already know Matthew block is a national treasure and only damn it is going to be treated with this kind of disrespect when it comes to your status meant let me tell you this Matthew block will be dining in their tomorrow at eight PM, okay but we're forty nine can no you are not full at eight PM I'm sure you have regular Diners their people who aren't celebrities you will bond one of them to nine PM or you haven't eat in the highly for all I care Matthew block and my friends will beating their at eight PM here they are every hottie out alley way all my caught Matthew the block has never even heard of an alley, i go back into Matthew do you want in the alley you know he said to me I'm sorry I'm gonna private jet right now because as well, a new counter you're not going to bring the superstar down to our ever out give me a table, honestly I don't know, oh very right here transfer me and you know what I tell them all hell and you're planning on coming there with Matthew block Michael O and that's Lindsay Lohan's father and he will keep you out of your kids there's so quick you in the future