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Listen: "The first time the Patriots went down"

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Joe Robbins
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I mean I did not see the game on TV last night I did look into the last five minutes and radio these New England Denver game i was good yeah it was he was is very good very entertaining but in these first turn the Patriots wouldn't down a post closely going but couldn't score in a go for it on fourth down and they were to coming caters the one play by play guy into commentators both commentators when shack Belichick chose not to go first Hill will right i am I don't know what with the commentator time TV said but they kept repeating it over and over again that they they couldn't believe that Belichick wouldn't do it An attorney that would that have indeed hit two more chances after that can have begun Cecile gold and New England probably would have won the game so it's distracting in the ballot sick makes mistakes like this I am from Detroit where coaches always make mistakes like this so people we at least we are we see Belichick as has so you know the top the mountain who's always in all knowing and never does make mistakes so it was a surprise me well I would put him in the Stephen dos cows key range in terms of what he does that that bans out now earlier in the regular season there was a big.