Dennis Prager On Gun Control

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Dennis Prager
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In the Air Force reserve by going to a F. reserve dot com or call eight hundred two five seven twenty one to this messages sponsored by the Air Force users that here but you to Association of Broadcasters and to station, , warning votes average election can things will top one was, photo from to, cycle logical New Jersey, listener discretion IS of our, , oh, because most exciting radio talk show, those seven major, whole more orders, what, cool, and period, the winner of phone National Radio Hall of way more, Michael seven, , what will lose a win, from when the question on the Saturday today and then opened up the door to a world we all, see in movies and read about inspire novels, but we rarely actually here in real time in your heart in real time, I would assume the call it was real, he did say thing is that let me to believe he's real buddy formerly of see I operative, he said things that the were longing to me, when I asked them at the the I you do you know what I'm talking I would Eurasia hand of your following the show you understand how the show works, this is an organic show, I have ideas I go into them in and things develop to the callers, , the caller was _A_C I a operative he said retired he was talking with me on a flip phone with the call. Burn a phone, which you destroyed right after the call, and during the call I asked him a question Which I've thought about for a long time, which is due intelligence agencies currently have, operative is who, why shouldn't say Tampa with but actually, disappear or kill, political enemies, of an administrator should, you know what is answer was, I'd rather not answer, I'd rather not say yes or know which means he said yes, so that's just a little something for you to show you what's at stake here, but he pursuit of that by saying will all be in danger if Hillary wins that was the more important statement, to take a from the personal to the political, we will all be in danger of Hillary wins which means, exactly what he just said, you know during the Vietnam War, which I did not fight in, but during the Vietnam War, man was sent out for our military, to Assassin eight, political operative is of the a North through the maze on me, if you have convert you know that, they search stop political operative, who wore important organizers, of the enemy, and they killed them, and you know that's what goes on and more, so, is it a big leap took ask the question that is pregnant that this time, why don't know, and I have to think about my cameras my phones the coming video presence in my home studios which, was making a little luck queasy to begin with. What caught a camera shot or do it should I do it, given the surveillance thank them we live in, you know stuff like that, so he can a commenting on the this I will there be a Civil War fuck Trump wins, what do you think he'll be a Civil one of my to who wins, that's the real question Eric on W MHL again line a he would go out of Washington Eric what do you think, he's obviously , the out of follies and out of it, awfully low, that, but I think about all that, I believe that, the war look on a lot of, and I've been that from, yeah, of a conservative that, you can only pushes good people so far, in the world before they Price back I, I know I'm ripping complex talking about them will but if you look at him aired revolution, a little people figured it, and they have finally had enough, and I think well, what a wait, are you saying that if Hillary wins this gonna be a civil war you know that the people are paying taxes I'm not going to be violent, you know the violence only comes in the thought was, paid for by the government agitated by the government organize by the government paid for by slime balls like George Sir also my estimation you know you're not going to go to war against this government if she wins come on be real. Yeah but you would you characterized the revolutionary the thought I would not, no absolutely not a stacked I happen to know that during the Let's go back to the yard to the revolutionary what which of covered before, I don't think people understand at one third of the colonists of the time, supported Britain, one third, had no opinion and one third it was only one third of the population that agreed to go to war against the British, I think those numbers are pretty close to today would you say, I very, I agree I did I think I I just there at some point you can all the people so far on Monday, will be available for I understand the what would be the slot something that the set off this revolution against these villains tell me, are thousand of our of our, God-given right, are are still of right, excuse me how much further do they have to go for us to understand that we have no rights, if we're being invaded in every home through Obama spike agencies, which we were told is the greatest by and see the world has ever seen tell me how much for that we have to go than that, how much further that we have to go that that I wrote president who is violated every Lloyd get away with the nothing happens to him including breaking up border down to let mentions of illegal aliens pour a to this Nation to destroy at tell me what's worse than that probably what he has to do next. I, I agree with what you're saying I understand that people that not real people yes that you are right you are right you such a sneak, and he has such dealt the villains working with him, some of the stealth is villains in the world have taken this country over, what would be the spark that set offer rebellion against them, , eliminating the second that, I think when people come in so you think that if Hillary Clinton, steals the election, and she comes after the second amendment that with that would cause a revolution you think that's the number one thing, I think you're going to somebody else, you of their right and their ability to an themselves, yeah, I do, I get well let me explain how she's going to deal with she's not going to do that in all he had to do it right and that he's going to do it by degree that the slowly boiling fraud method is what they've been doing anyway, we have no, desire to take away your right to haunt, we have no right to take away your right to self-defense, all we want to do was pass some common sense gun control laws in order to keep the guns out of the hands of really bad criminals that's what they're going to do that's their campaign modus operandi you know that they're not coming in the middle of the night be a gun they're going to take it away from you one step at a time. That is one for one of course, alright look on a send you government, with the book or, I'm gonna said you copy of Scorched Earth while it's still readable, and that's the story, there's so many other things haven't gotten to such as I promise you that, not only is their an attack add by him those attacking, Hillary through her, sorry get, well Robin thing with the call a Muslim terror supporting a, you never you never heard this before, there's a new to radio I don't even alright the that up from its off you to, Hindu so you think, the course they are, of near Easton origin because many of them where Turbin this, you falsely many of you, associate them with, radical Muslims which is a terrible terrible thing to do not only to him to was but, to Muslims who are very peace-loving as well I mean it's crazy to do it when them unless they handles over virtually all opposed to the Democrats socialist, est, and especially to home but the and Hillary Clinton I played that it for you, but I haven't yet gotten to Lewis Ferrer can himself, comparing Hillary to a black community Stettler, and I think that you have to listen to clip tilt to understand, that this is not going to be a cake walk, for the Saros but that's the cartel, amongst the black community listen, Mike Brown an assistant this is serious, her husband. And, Joe Biden, with all the, but, that put, titties of, , but was insisted, in his, so while we were all going, for the million man, they were all going, what, and women, , misses Cleveland, that the prime, oh, and then call you don't people super padded, Cauchy, yeah, , three, he could have said, to the June, africa Housley, , so, with that being enough to satisfy, you couldn't satisfy any Jewish person with enough Palm, all rights the unfortunately shoots itself in the foot every time he speaks, with his hit the like hatred for juice so don't think I'm supporting this vicious rabbit app by some like what was Fowler can't, Don't confuse me for one minute with them with that, what what I'm saying to you is that Hillary Clinton is in trouble with the African American community she's in trouble with the him to American community she is in trouble with many communities that they took for granted that was my main point okay, and I think the Trump is going to win, by every indicator when I say he's up one in _A_C and and Washington Post Paul damages up twelve, if poses saying is up to always up twenty, because Adam pulled maybe, and you're going poll I'm I'm Paul, so this could be a landslide probably would that they don't even know what to do about what's coming, that's unless they re get with the George Saros is a voting machines. That are in sixteen states but that's all separate story, , so I'm asking you after the election which is only next week, right now to jump a des the, one of the Saros but that's the cartel leaders, has play at that one of his friends a lawyer at the so-called justice department to oversee the new email, scans if you can believe how bad this of become, , may wobbly read today the government inside insiders as on the drive report are helping Julian us Suns lead, as the caller did member the last hour the X see I operative said many of these reports about Hillary up a coming from inside our own intelligence agencies, not from Wickey leaks to giving it to what you external until it because they know what danger she has to the said to this Nation, , so I friends there is already a civil war going on, it is not now really a shooting more unless you're a cop, that is a shooting more you're being targeted you're on the frontlines of the civil war, , there are still rather disturbing signs their streak was going on around America to the terribly heartbreaking story, coming out of New York City, that's been swept up by the media, which is an all the White man is walking in Queens New York, just walking sixty year old man, regular guy has a briefcase, and , and a man, a man, comes up behind them. A man in the White on the sure it will not we will describing because I don't offend anybody, and missed the Patrick Gallman is walking to the corner of Queen's belong to mainstream prior what, is suddenly struck in the back of the head, by this man, of no particular race, man punches of, in the face knock some out, for squarely on his back, and the man with his girlfriend, walk on like nothing happened, Mr. Gallman was taken the Jamaica hospital read die the next eight nine A.M., the city medical examine a rule missed the goalies death a homicide last week, as a result the blunt force drama to the had, with a concussion to the brain, and a combination of a stroke in a contributing condition of hype offensive and after a slow runner cardiovascular disease according to the medical the Sam, go men's they were John when Koskie forty seven said that missed the Gallman a Mets fan, had just returned to is Queens on from Baltimore in Philly football games a day of the attack, he was a ball fan regular guy, but the cops didn't release to surveillance video of the attack, right after the attack, they're release that now, why, cops, new York didn't released a video of white guy killed police in the Midwest their released, a picture of a before some other day burst to him, right out there white man kills cops say that says well for the propaganda is what's up what what what. Right, kills grabs what what what, we only a member bro I would Action Network, the community organization a petition Cubs two years ago to install is pretty Canada kept insult said, I still don't understand why took so long, missed a Lee only called the victim a very low-key quite personally never bothered anybody, and apparently the man was struck him the man, has not been caught even always clearly seen sucker punching the sold man and killing him, he's not been found yet, death of a sixty three four year old white man, and we'll let it go what that you can see the video yourself for the New York Post, brutal sucker punch leads to advance that, and I put it up on Michael Savage dot comfy listening nausea, for your viewing nausea its second he gets me you know, this is what's going on American Bracco bang, Obama's what, America he has unleashed a race for, am I saying that this didn't happen before him yes, yeah some saying it never happened like this before there was never such an epidemic of hatred, in my life time I've never seen anything like this, and it's all because of that since smiling Goff are in the White House is just such a nice married man with two beautiful children and I just the classy is first lady the world has ever seen the had nothing to do with it, nothing, I'll be back in a minute to take your calls. 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