The 5 Things People Are Most Likely To Steal Around Christmas

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Koichi Kamoshida
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It's a good give and a half also scientists founded are cars are also fifty five percent dirtier than our computer keyboard the most interesting thing that they found out of the study basically no one believes that oh man person of people in the study believed or their cars might be filled with terms i with the way is set of both i have to know i you know and time no might scully they believe their cards were clean even though the majority of them said they clean their carr only once a year up there you know are and clean my car is the clean this place every this i mean i mean that last august i didn't sign it said we we did the studies and it's gon visible yeah i was next plays a stories out of holiday headquarters cause i knew study found the top things people still during the holiday season number five gore make chocolate really yep apparently people are still in gorman talk it's expensive brother because expensive and that's like an easy gift to give the somebody and in the pocket when you're like north always like read by the cash register or whatever number for children's toys a lot of people still in children's toy said the number three meat and seafood you get together and i don't know with every amazing if you found out here and sam was still good word number two leather close another close apparently he leather those are big thing to steal the holiday season so thing about again your dad that para leather pants my take it and the number one thing that people steal during the holiday season is a lecture onyx accessories things like cellphone cases and selfish kicks a lot of those get stolen during the holiday season but that's to use that's than the nothing is use that for the holidays which means that way have come to an end with with duty insane time on monday to keep him to two self.