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Listen: "Watch Syracuse make it to the Final Four"

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Andy Lyons
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It's time to answer the rose was in the night brought to you by a Riley auto parts tonight's question is from mark in Syracuse Mark riots Brown I do remember you saying after all of the there problems and their coach being suspended and that they shouldn't be in the NC Double a tournaments watch Syracuse smae get to the Final Four he didn't say that didn't yeah I didn't say that so it says here so what he had to say now that you said they would make the final four do you think the win the whole playing Mark I gonna tell you know I don't think don't win the whole thing but I mean betting against them now has become the key to sit down I bet in the first two games Wright and then in the second to games I bet against him and I got burned both times so betting against him now team and doesn't it but I still have a hard time believing they're going to be North Carolina and you remember one I said You know watch because I won my remember when on that rants and they don't even deserve to be in the tournaments with that week as nineteen thirteen record they got their three big wins the whole season that was that Denver The House of Syracuse but everyone who you know I don't think they deserve to be in but Jim Bay I'm said anyone unsaid That doesn't know anything about basketball but that IL bat on I'm a couple games it and I know a lot about basketball I can say damage and I also but you know I did say watching go to the Final Four I did say that but I didn't actually believe it I didn't think they would go and now that they're they're how can you bet against them get all those points I mean you bet against yesterday ahead they were getting eight and I I I didn't think they can cover I didn't add that they're going to be there were down sixteen out Doug didn't lose a bye had at least I thought they lose my dad at least now I dont did lose by ten at least and the numbers nine asked I don't think it will grow that O Brien be tenant when it's all said and done that's a lot of points to give them when they played him to within five a jab although they were down two with thirty seconds left Wright is so can we send mark a case of bad so Lupul in the third you get now Playing Don't forget you can submit a question by going to CBS Sports Radio.