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Listen: The Houston Rockets but I tweeted back out them

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Doug Pensinger
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So and so dressed a hole yeah and like Go P fans were tweeted like could help Here's what somebody squared right that's always bother bing look good play good look is it is it bothers me if his will bothers me more and I think there's gonna bother you so this morning I see the Houston Rockets but I tweeted back out them cause I thought this was so stupid there's a picture Dwight Howard I did see this okay Exactly gifts if it's a video better They later separate second clip okay where he's flipping it looks like he's at the opposite free throw line which is pretty are products Andy flyers won over as head Why did it if you're watches now what what seeking Terry dot com and that's like Rick Perry you know in that position wears get reddish shooting under hand but instead of going forward if buyers and over a said yeah batting Ashley pearls it and Ian Cole on Monday of the basket so I just I had a tweet back a tweet back at the Rockets are right for FT a posture feel yes okay and then the greater then sign swordfish shots this more this practicing circus shots rather the not practicing free throws OK Eddie shooting 53 percent this year which by the way is about Barbara six percent is points below his Buffett career average no why this bothers me it's not a big deal I admit hated the While not in the way of mood I'm not look at a star trouble way but this is just the high today it is the White put this out it's a did so the Rockets think that people care about the span of sit there's say and thought of it more free throws McHale won the been fired that that bothers me so wide they they beat the Lakers so people get it up by about 17 but that was who cares But as has the feeling good about themselves they want how many They won one two three four five six of their last seven know something good at middle that petty that's coming off a four game losing streak but it is to say the little process to the backbone Jones Alisa lets it loose given the credit.