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Listen: Browns and they've done it over and over and over again and

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Jonathan Daniel
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Browns and they've done it over and over and over again and here we are one more time and whatever guy they hire next just like a look at my pet never say it's only a matter of time what two years three years he's gone whoever this next guy is that's the feeling that you have even if it's a higher the true like on paper you feel like it will not work out for example I remember when Mike Holmgren went there to oversee things like this guy can screw up but it turned out that he did he didn't really care about what was going on an This was sort of a feat up thing for him and the biggest Browns thing to me that's not talk about enough is the fact that win Jimmy has one decided to buy the team that this was going to be the best thing in the world for them because they would have been absentee owner like like they had in Lerner this guy was gonna be around he came from the Steelers organization where he was a minority owner there he was gonna come in and fix everything take a page out a role as both an now the Browns gonna be the Browns again it turned out that these guys a complete an honor hot hand we're know who doesn't know what he's saying it's amazing that to me is the biggest thing and when you're owners stinks as you know it stinks all the way down so there you go and you mention man's al so the oldest Scola below about him on Saturday easy in Vegas vision on Vegas eighty-eight spotted there some USA Today report then Johnny man's al response back with hash tag Saturday night's on Instagram a the picturing him in his dog i you know waiters in servers edges serve Donnie men's though they got their names in the yen Dunham intelligence sat down about blackjack table what is not nearly look look any so that we wanna go back to that establishment affected you're out here put this out me public spirit that A full of those about say we show footage are the Packers the nudes that you're table issues that you table she spending money we got you okay yeah and then the big problem I have is if you want to go out on Saturday night in do legal stuff allowed to do that problem I have a shooting show up for his concussion problems Sunday morning that that that's the bigger issue and apparently this is the last straw type of deal for man's now that he wants the golden Dallas reportedly from Peter King he wants out of there and first well you business there in Cleveland show up be there which routine you're inactive beat are that sideline and don't Bernie bridges okay how about that show up and do what you're supposed to do don't hit the bank is if you're in Vegas or you do do what you're supposed to do you all have the do over 24 more hours that right you develop a twenty-four hours to do the right thing everything is just so disgustingly toxic in Cleveland it's amazing too much drama from the top down too much them drop yeah I was looking at a lot of a Twitter account so Cleveland beat writers and talk show host yesterday and see some be instant reaction there was one guy who does shows here on CBS Sports Radio.