Listen: "Houston won the late game at Toronto, one thirteen, one oh seven, James Harden forty points, fourteen assists"

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J Pat Carter
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For the rest of the AFC West Michael Del can joins us in thirty light let's make that sixty seconds but first let's find out was trending in the end today the Lakers with Golden State won twelve in ninety five a Lakers team that had a record of twelve and fifty one this season the Warriors from three point range were four for thirty that included the one for eighteen from long distance for Steph Curry and Klay Thompson combined golden State were twenty turnovers in the last Phoenix got another win at Memphis One Oh Nine one hundred is the son shot fifty-two percent from the floor Alex Len nineteen points sixteen rebounds and the Thunder led twenty-two to four at Milwaukee of the first quarter and beat the Bucs one oh four ninety six wins for Miami Detroit for Denver in overtime Houston won the late game at Toronto won thirteen one oh seven James Harden forty points fourteen assists college basketball wins for Indiana Purdue and Cincinnati automatic bids de un see Asheville Northern Ohio at the buzzer and Florida Gulf Coast in overtime peyton Manning will announce his retirement tomorrow Nats Gar win in Vegas for brackets last Steve to say in that unit to find out last won on your television build up box Forest dot com for details AP that's why.