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Listen: They don't need a quarterback we know this Travis not quarterback heavy

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Jeff Gross
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Dot com eight five five two one two four two two seven that's eight five five two one two four CBS tightness are and the number one pick Indiana thought draft because of their three in thirteen record an the tie breakers they actually end up getting the number one pick now it's interesting they don't need a quarterback we know this Travis not quarterback heavy there's a couple of names that will likely go in the first round but it's not as though you have and Andrew Luck could argue three the debate the top last few while but RG 3 at the time the Redskins trade a bunch too up and get them any was back and forth between blocking RG three in terms of who might be the number one pick this is not AJ miss Winston Marcus Mariota draft this is the Jared golf draft but his potential an the fact that there are teams in need quarterbacks make him attractive Stanley enough though with the Browns taking number chew the tightened the number one in the even are the Tigers go ahead and keep that pick intake A player from another position that they desperately need or they could package that puppy for a lot in return they get there may be a team that wants the move up ahead of the Cleveland Browns an grab a quarterback and that's a major assumption yes I am going on me assumption that the Browns are going to be looking fur que be a young que be I feel like Josh McCown will likely stick around will play another year he wants to be how often the guys want to be in Cleveland he wants to be their but they do need to find other key because Johnny man's Ellis not it.