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Listen: Angry Aaron Rodgers who used a literally sure his critics and play angry

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Jim McIsaac
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The first game for the Redskins on that from a literally Packers Radio Network Rodgers had a run over the past two years where he's been killing it getting universally praised he's earned it but their parts in me did miss deep oldest angry Aaron Rodgers who used a literally sure his critics and play angry the Rogers who nobody talking doing the Rogers whom nobody thought could win now that guy that guys and absolute mother beat an ideal way and he's back that's the best news a Packer fans in what's more good news Packer fan nobody thinks you compete Arizona The good news for yeah top off that 10 12 see on Saturday on over that guy's that better me look like Aaron Rodgers We know keep gone about their role with the news of Rex hiring his blow hard brother this bad ass case of Napa tourism has me and the boys planning are next macho weekend on some polluted body of water near Buffalo thanks on No i haven't heard from bond you know I think I think I think the entire goes sees news gimme one long of macho weekend The mafia signed Matt Vancouver wore Brian Hoyer new level a soccer got a pretty good year and one really really bad game Kansas he would do that Kansas City's got a way of making a pretty good quarterbacks look bad An pretty crappy quarterbacks horrific in quote me on that Mayor Tom Brady next in believe me if they're not gonna make any easier for him they've won 11 straight if anybody other than Kansas City people be freaking out right now they've won 11 straight and nobody knows who cares British out somebody on the playoffs okay who they beat at say shutout in They've won 11 straight and nobody's talking about them what is that so the phones I've gotten entire take on the Bills but if you want a jump in on your way for you go right ahead gonna model beach Tom & Tom good have young program how are you I'm great as well talk about this Rob Ryan did that lately sit down with Rex Ryan and say that's how come we make this team a little more on discipline well we could hire my brother Ralph and they don't just not that all the other end the paper Words worked out and rob the coach no well hasn't happened how do we go from most on disciplined well slide team in the league a high of somebody is just a had to that I don't understand the one that yeah the Thomas could be awesome right to be like a bond those macho weekend every single Sunday coffee On the day exactly I think you better job that taken I could did does where they promise it around like Matt how we make his defense even more and discipline we had a defense that wasn't really really really good last year and then issue was not good at all you know on the defensive masterminding what we do to make it even worse why don't we bring and your brother we've seen even worse defensive coach then you are brother give brother racks He sets a most disciplined defensive teams the league's ever seen team maybe we could bring him man in May can be assistant head coach a defense like an idea done a what do you think Doug and bloody extended you would do that luke a billion pops it's a joke right they're bringing Bobby Jindal fix the D events have you seen mobs defenses lately who's mafia I mean no offense do they really think you that dumb putting this all that you it was thee answer Rob's a solution not the problem but the solution under no goes down a fire you I would not be feel very good about that and watches brilliant Honda Accord Navy defense devoured goes fan my reaction about PMI hit look that really King convinced me that's a good idea because I've seen Bob line coach defense like any they'll look good and I saw the rush my coach defense was to not look good so Weiss is a good idea.